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Abdominoplasty Cost and Financing Options

Abdominoplasty Cost | Cosmetic Surgery 

People considering a tummy tuck should know that it is not a cheap operation to go through. The cost of abdominoplasty is currently upwards of a few thousand dollars. It is certainly not thought of as an elective surgery procedure for the masses. However, despite the steep rates, hundreds of thousands of people still go through the surgery every year.

Breakdown of abdominoplasty cost

While abdominoplasty cost comparisons will vary greatly from state to state and country to country, overall getting a tummy tuck requires a rather big budget. In the USA, the price of abdominoplasty surgery ranges from $3,000 up to $20,000. Some cosmetic surgeons will package the service to include all related expenses; but in general, other costs that are part of the procedure are not included in the price tag.

The kind of procedure is a big determinant to the final price of the operation. A partial abdominoplasty, also called a “mini-tuck” may be less costly than a complete body lift. The operation may also include a liposuction or other aesthetic surgery procedure which also adds to the total. Apart from this the cost of abdominoplasty is also affected by the surgeon’s fee, the fee of the anesthesiologist and the hospital fees, not to mention pre-operative and post-operative expenses.

Financing options and alternatives

Since cosmetic surgeries are elective procedures most insurance companies will normally not include abdominoplasty in their coverage. However, take note that the patient’s insurance premiums may increase as a result of perceived risks associated with the surgery.

Many plastic surgeons will offer their services through special financing arrangements. Patients may avail of monthly or quarterly installments. These payment plans may be within reach for many people on a month-to-month basis; but depending on the terms, the total tummy tuck cost may end up more expensive than when paid for in full or in cash.

As an alternative option, people may opt to go abroad and use the services of foreign plastic surgery clinics. Medical tourism like this can offer tummy tuck procedures that are cheaper by 70% to 90% of mainland rates. Remember that more than the abdominoplasty cost, careful attention must be given to compliance to international medical and safety standards in order to ensure that no unwanted complications arise.

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