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Scars To Expect After Abdominplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty Scar | Abdominoplasty Surgery 

Abdominoplasty scar is something that can never be avoided after abdominoplasty surgery. However, it is good to know about how much scarring to expect before going through the actual surgery. Normally, there will be scar that will settle in the lower abdomen. In the case of full abdominoplasty, the scar is anticipated to be long and large.

Moreover, after full abdominoplasty surgery, the scar would stretch from side to side above bikini line. There will also be a scar round belly button because in some point of the operation, the surgeon might reposition the belly button to fit perfectlyto your new tummy. It is actually one of the downsides of abdominoplasty because in exchange of a flatter tummy is a visible scar.

Furthermore, there are some instances where a vertical incision is necessary. Therefore, aside from the horizontal abdominoplasty scar, a vertical scar will appear. As a result, an inverted T like scar will pose in your tummy. However, most of the highly skilled surgeons are trained to craft the incisions very neatly and the result is extremely unnoticeable.

There are many patients that describes abdominoplasty scar as something like a thin line. But few days after the surgery, you cannot expect the scars to appear like hairlines. In fact, you can expect that after the operation, the scar will appear ugly, thick and red. Eventually, the scars would relax and would get better and better each day. Sometimes, it may take eighteen months before it improve into a much lighter scar.

On the contrary, abdominoplasty scar may split. If this happen, the scar will definitely get thicker and larger which will result to a longer recovery period and all the more heavy scars. In this case, another procedure is necessary to improve the appearance of the scar.

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