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A Short Summary Of Reverse Abdominoplasty

Reverse Abdominoplasty | Cosmetic Surgery 

Reverse abdominoplasty is dedicated for patients who are aiming to enhance their upper abdomen. The procedure will require some incision underneath the patient’s breastsand then the skin will be lifted. In addition, the procedure will slightly affect the loose skin particularly under the belly button.

Sometimes, there are patients that would request to combine traditional abdominoplasty to reverse abdominoplasty. This combined technique would give remarkably great result. Also, this type of abdominoplasty method can be combined with breast lift as well as breast reduction. In this case, the scar will likely settle underneath the breasts which make it more likeable to most patients.

On the other hand, there are also cases where diagonal incision in the abdominal mid-section is required. This sort of incision is pretty much disliked by many patients because it practically produces larger scars. One of the downsides of reverse abdominoplasty is actually the incorporation of vertical incision.

Risks Associated with Reverse Abdominoplasty

It is never new to us that in every operation, there is always a risk associated with it. Some patients may experience more risks compared to others. Moreover, the common risks associated with reverse abdominoplasty include adverse effect of anesthesia, visible scars, infections, blood clots, bruises and swelling.Therefore, it is very important that before you submit yourself to any surgery, it is wise to discuss every single detail of the operation including the accompanying risks of the operation.

Reverse Abdominoplasty Cost

In truth, there is no fix cost for abdominoplasty surgery. In fact, there are several factors that can affect the total cost of the surgery. This includes the location, surgeon’s qualifications, device used, medications, insurance and others. However, the average cost of reverse abdominoplasty is around $5,500 - $9,500. It is recommended to discuss the quotation with your surgeon and ask if the total cost includes basically everything to avoid paying for hidden charges.

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