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Arm Lift Procedure Explained

Arm Lift Procedure | Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery 

During arm lift surgery, the surgeon will most likely let the patient decide as to what type of anesthesia he or she would like to employ. The choices is between general and local anesthesia, however, in most cases a lot of patients chooses general anesthesia over local anesthesia.

Arm Lift Procedure

The procedure begins at the making of incision marks. The surgeon usually marks the areas where treatment is necessary while the patient remains in a standing or sitting position.Next is dealing out with anesthesia. Furthermore, part of the arm lift procedure is the incision which is usually crafted from the inner down to lower surface of the patient’s arm. There is a certain pattern of the incision and it is usually made in a zigzag track. The extent of the incision would begin from the patient’s armpit towards the elbow.The skin is excise following a triangular or elliptical outline and sometimes the excess fat will be suctioned during the operation.

Following the excision of excess fats and skin, is the stretching and tightening of skin and close it into place. Normally, the surgeon would insert surgical drains on the incision sites to utilize it as an exit for unwanted fluids letting the skin to stick better on the underlying tissue. Next is the covering of the openings with medical bandage.

How long would it take to complete the procedure?

In general, arm lift procedure would take around two hours to complete. Soon after the patient is monitored and deemed fit to go home can be immediately discharged along with some important instructions for successful recovery.

How much pain can be expected?

The patient may encounter mild pain following the surgery that can be easily controlled with pain medications approved by the surgeon. The pain will normally subside few days after the surgery. However, the patient will be restricted to take any medicine containing aspirin as it increases the chances of severe bleeding.

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