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Arm Lift Recovery Time

Arm Lift Recovery | Cosmetic Surgery 

Arm lift surgery is intended to remove and reduce excess skin in the arms to make it look more appealing and toned. Most patients for arm lift are those that have loose so much weight and in effect develop unpleasant sagging of skin around arm area. However, if the patient’s goal is to eliminate excess fats on the arms, liposuction is the right remedy for that.

On the other hand, a lot of people are inquisitive about arm lift recovery. In most cases, pain and swelling will most likely be in a moderate level after the surgery and will probably continue for few more days. These adverse effects however can be controlled by some medicines prescribed by the surgeon.

Generally, there is no fix time for arm lift recovery. However, it is expected to see significant results approximately ten to fourteen days after the surgery. Conversely, swelling is likely to subside about three to six months to completely heal.

Furthermore, the stitches will be removed after two to three weeks following the surgery. Also, the scars can be visible as the incision required would trail from elbow towards the underarm. This however will normally fade away after six months to two years after arm lift surgery. Soon after arm lift recovery ends, the patient will come to see smoother, tighter and more improve arm appearance which can definitely add up to the person’sself-confidence.

Normally, the patient who had just undergone arm lift surgery would find significant result after a month. And will likely be able to return to work and ordinary activities few days after the surgery. However, it is not recommended to act upon any vigorous activities unless all the wounds and scars are fully mended. There is nothing to worry about the scars as it will eventually fade away. But for people who are very conscious with some visiblemarks may actually request for another cosmetic procedure to eliminate existing scars.

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