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Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

 Arm Lift Surgery Benefits | Brachioplasty 

Having a fit, firm and well-toned body is something most people aspire for but is rather difficult to achieve. Unfortunately, people who went through a drastic weight loss know that all that extra skin will sag once the fat has been burned off. This is why plastic surgery after weight loss is advised not only for people who had a significant drop in weight, such as bariatric surgery patients, but also for those who are pushing past a certain age. To get rid of flabby arms, getting an arm lift or brachioplasty is one viable solution.

The arm lift procedure

Brachioplasty is one aspect of body contouring and is usually performed along with other cosmetic surgery procedures like breast lift, tummy tuck and thigh lift. The patient is first placed under general anesthesia. A certified plastic surgeon then makes an incision on the underside of the arm from armpit to elbow. Any surplus fat may be removed using arm liposuction. The excess skin is then cut down, the remaining skin tightened and then finally sutured firmly into place.

Benefits of brachioplasty

The immediate benefit of brachioplasty is the improved appearance of the patient’s arms. Flabby arms are eliminated, weight is reduced and the patient will be able to move the arms much better thanks to the arm lift surgery. Of course, getting an arm lift is not without risks and repercussions, like the presence of scarring and considerable expenses. Nevertheless, brachioplasty helps the patient recover his or her self-respect and confidence

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