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Brachioplasty and Arm Liposuction Compared

Brachioplasty and Arm Liposuction | Arm Lift Operation 

As a component of body contouring, arm lift or brachioplasty surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is meant to firm up the upper arm and eliminate skin redundancy in this specific area of the body. Some people may mistake brachioplasty for arm liposuction since they are both performed on the arms. Nevertheless, these procedures are very different from each other both in application and in their intended purpose.

Brachioplasty surgery defined

Plastic surgeons mostly advise the brachioplasty procedure for individuals who used to be overweight but have successfully conquered their weight issues. Major weight loss usually leads to sagging skin particularly in the abdomen, breasts, neck area, thighs and the upper arms. To correct the appearance of overstretched skin, “lifts” are performed; hence the term “upper arm lift” in reference to cosmetic arm lift surgery.

The procedure requires making incisions along the inner arm or along the back of the arm from armpit to right above the elbow. Excess skin and tissue is removed, and the remaining tissues are tightened and contoured accordingly with sutures. That is the general scope of arm lift surgery.

Regarding arm liposcution

On the other hand, arm liposuction is the removal of excess fat in the area of the upper arm using any of the known and accepted liposuction techniques. Therefore, while the previously discussed procedure is more focused on the removal of redundant skin, this second operation uses different lipo techniques, such as laser liposuction or tumescent liposuction, to reshape the patient’s arms and eliminate the flabby arm effect.

More often than not, cosmetic surgeons will perform both brachioplasty and arm liposuction to achieve maximum results and help lower the patient’s expenses. A person who has undergone drastic weight loss will find that a liposuction of the arms combined with a lift will result in firmer and smother arms compared to that of receiving only one of either procedure.

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