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Facts on Mini Arm Lift

Mini Arm Lift | Partial Brachioplasty 

At large, mini arm lift surgery is employed on patients whose condition only requires slight revision on theupper arm area.Although the procedure employed in mini arm lift is exactly the same with conventional arm lift, the requiredincision in this type of procedure is far smaller compared to the traditional way.

Mini Arm lift surgery is done by removing excess fat and skin plainly to achieve pleasing effect that will result to a more desirable physical appearance of the arms. Normally, the surgeon crafts the incision on areas that are not so evident such as in the armpit towards the span of the patient’s upper arm.

The best candidates for mini arm lift are those that have lost adequate weight because of some diet programs and exercise. Also, people who develop excessive skin because of natural aging also qualify for mini arm lift surgery. On the contrary, people that need major revision due to excessive weight loss will definitely need full arm lift surgery.

Mini Arm Lift Cost

The average price of mini arm lift is around $2000. However, since there are some things needed to complete the entire mini arm lift surgery the price will likely to go up. There are some factors that affects the price of mini arm lift and these are anesthesia, hospital fee, laboratory fee, post-operative care and of course the surgeon’s fee.

Moreover, the surgeon’s fee alone may possibly increase or decrease. The basis for the surgeon’s fee is their overall qualification such as their experience, skills and the number of arm lift cases performed successfully. As a general rule, arm lift surgery will not be covered by insurance. However, the patient has an option to apply for some sort of financing from outside financial bodies.

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