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Guide to Choosing a Blepharoplasty Doctor

Blepharoplasty Doctor | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

What is Blepharoplasty? It is a surgical process of altering the eyelids. It is done by removing excess skin and fat around the eyes. This can only be performed by accredited Blepharoplasty doctor for either cosmetic of functional reason.

Blepharoplasty doctor can help patients with high amount of excess skin and fats on the upper and lower eyelids to achieve more youthful look after the surgery. Droopy eyelids and huge eye bags can also be fixed by Blepharoplasty.

Before submitting yourself to blepharoplasty, you should find first the right blepharoplasty doctor to perform the eyelid surgery. This is very important as your surgeon is the key to achieve great result and satisfaction. There are many things you need to consider is choosing blepharoplasty doctors, read on and learn more on how to catch a great surgeon for blepharoplasty.

Check the credentials of your blepharoplasty doctor

Likewise, before you make any decision regarding your blepharoplasty doctor, verify first if the doctor is board certified or if the doctor has any record of medical malpractice. Also, check and evaluate the surgeon’s credentials and trainings. Note that if the doctor has 3 malpractice judgments within 5 to 10 years is a warning sign that you need to pay attention. You may also inquire about malpractice insurance if you want to be sure that incase something unfortunate would happen, you are covered.

Confirm directly from the surgeon how frequent he or she executes blepharoplasty and how his or her complication rate is. If the surgeon has been practicing Blepharoplasty for a long time, it is impossible that he or she never had any problems concerning blepharoplasty surgery. Thus, expect for a substantial info from the doctor.

Verify if your blepharoplasty doctor has hospital privileges because you will never know if you will be admitted in the hospital for some reason. It is best to have verified information at hand before the actual surgery.

Check some collections of “before and after” photographs of your chosen blepharoplasty doctor and assess his or her work. Reading the testimonials or talking to the patients that were previously handled by your surgeon can increase your familiarity with your doctor and develop your confidence and trust in him. Ensure with your blepharoplasty doctor that your anesthesia will be directed by a certified anesthesiologist. And lastly, whether or not blepharoplasty procedure will be done in the doctor’s private clinic or in the hospital make sure that the surgical facilities are accredited.

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