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How Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery Is Performed

Upper Blepharoplasty | Upper Eyelid Surgery 

Upper blepharoplasty or upper eyelid surgery aims to remove extra fat and skin on the upper area of the eye to enhance its appearance. In addition, there are also people who resort to upper blepharoplasty purposely to improve their peripheral vision. These two advantages make this type of enhancement procedure very popular to many.

Upper Blepharoplasty Procedure

Normally, the surgeon would mark the amount of the skin to be excised. The incision will be made on the eyelid folds following its natural route from side to side and would sometimes extend outward up until lateral canthus. Another incision will be made just above the first incision without any particular distance.The basis however is the amount of the skin to be extracted.

Next is the opening of the orbital septum following its entire stretch to expose the fat bags that covers the levator aponeurosis. Afterwards, the first pocket will be removed through the process called dissection, clamping, removal and cauterization. Usually, the second pocket will need deeper dissection but the removal will still be done the same way as how the first pocket was removed.

Lastly, the skin peripheries will be closed by using either permanent sutures or dissolving sutures. However, the permanent suture will likely to produce better and finer scar.

The advantages of Upper Blepharoplasty

One of the best benefits of upper blepharoplasty is that it is a very safe operation. This is because our eyes are considered as the central point of the face and therefore should be treated subtly. Not only that, the cost of upper blepharoplasty procedure is relatively low and most importantly, the recovery period is fast and less risky.

Limitations of the surgery

If upper blepharoplasty is performed forcefully on weakened eyebrow,it may weaken the brow even more. Also, if the condition of the patient is showing true ptosis, blepharoplasty is not the best solution to this problem. In addition, blepharoplasty can only provide minimal improvement to wrinkles settled on lateral canthus.

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