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Body Sculpting Liposuction - Step By Step Procedure

Body Sculpting Liposuction | Cosmetic Surgery 

Generally, there are four steps to complete body sculpting liposuction. These are the application of anesthesia, the making of incision, fat removal and the closing of incision.

Body Sculpting Liposuction Procedure

Step 1- Anesthesia

Normally, body sculpting liposuction is executed under general anesthesia. However, there are instances where the surgeon would use twilight anesthesia. The usage of anesthesia would depend on the type of method use as well as the total amount of liposuction procedure required. In most cases, the surgery is done during daytime which will run for about two hours but the patient may be required to remain in the hospital for at least a night.

Moreover, body sculpting liposuction process normally includes injection containing numbing solution. In the case of local anesthesia usage, the surgeon would normally numb certain areas which are included in the treatment. The patient will remain conscious as the procedure goes. On the other hand, general anesthesia is applied through needle injection or gas. Unlike local anesthesia, patient under general anesthesia remains unconscious all throughout the operation. As soon as the patient woke up, the feeling of numbness on areas being treated would occur and there will be minimal to zero pain.

Step 2 - Incisions

Following the application of anesthesia is the creation of incision. The surgeon will then extract some amount of fats that are deposited on specific part of the body. Normally, the incision will be crafted as tiny as possible and will not go beyond third of an inch. This opening will be used as an entry for the cannula which will be used to remove fats.

Step 3 – Removal of Fats

As the cannula is inserted on the skin via a small opening, the surgeon will have to move the cannula back and forth purposely to disperse and suction some amount of fat deposits under the skin. Furthermore, some amount of body fluids and blood are also being removed together with the fats which is why the surgeon will have to replace used up fluids intravenously all throughout the procedure and after. Also, it is imperative to choose a board certified surgeon who have wide knowledge about lipoplasty and highly trained on many different procedures to ensure great result and safety.

Step 4 - Closing of Incisions

Soon after the excision of fats, the incisions will be either closed by means of stitches or maybe left open. There are some surgeons who would prefer not to close the incisions after body sculpting liposuction as this can help reduce the degree of swelling and bruising after the surgery.

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