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Laser Body Sculpting - Advanced Liposuction Alternatives

Laser Body Sculpting | Plastic Surgery Procedure 

The latest and one of the most sought after services offered by top cosmetic surgery clinics is laser body sculpting. This is a form of cosmetic liposuction that uses energy from medical lasers to help breakdown body fat during lipoplasty. It is a very technologically advanced system that is fast becoming the standard in the field of plastic surgery.

About laser body sculpting

Laser body sculpting is an advanced laser-assisted lipolysis or laser liposuction procedure. Development for this liposuction alternative began as early as the middle 1990’s. By 2006 the first FDA-approved commercial launch of laser assisted liposuction came by way of Cynosure, the company that developed and branded the Smart Lipo system. This is why some cosmetic surgery clinics use the term smart liposuction to market their services.

Body sculpting using smart lipo machines uses laser-tipped micro-cannulae to deliver laser energy into the body fat layer. The laser effectively dissolves the fat in the targeted area. In laser liposuction, the fat that has been broken down by the laser is suctioned out similar to regular cosmetic liposuction procedures, albeit less invasive.

As an added benefit, certain body sculpting techniques using laser lipolysis no longer involves suctioning. Laser liposculpture breaks down fat so effectively that, in most cases, the cosmetic surgeon needs only to make drain incisions to help draw off the dissolved lipids.

More benefits of laser body sculpting

Although the technology is only a few years in existence, laser liposculpture is seen as the most viable liposuction alternative and the next standard in body contouring. The laser actually promotes tissue coagulation which tones and tightens the skin for better effect.

With laser body sculpting, risks to the patient are dramatically reduced, healing time is much faster and permanent removal of excess fat is clearly more effective compared to other body reshaping techniques. Post-operative expenses for the patient are also reduced because of the shortened recovery time.

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