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Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry | Plastic Surgery  

Breast asymmetry defines a difference in breast shape and size. The plastic surgery procedure chosen to correct breast asymmetry depends on the degree of differences between the size and shape of the breasts. The recommended plastic surgery procedure for a woman with breast asymmetry is a breast reduction or breastlift for the larger breast or a breast augmentation or enlargement for the smaller breast. Recommendations for plastic surgery in both breasts to correct breast asymmetry are a breast reduction for the larger side and a breast augmentation for the smaller side.

A congenital cause of breast asymmetry is Poland's Syndrome. This entity consists of underdevelopment of one breast and its underlying musculature along with anomalies of the ipsilateral (same side) hand. Reconstruction of breast asymmetry in this syndrome includes expansion of the underlying tissues followed by insertion of a breast implant, or creation of a musculocutaneous flap to fill the hollow space in the chest wall.

Infection, trauma or surgery near the developing breast in a child may result in underdevelopment of that breast.

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