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Picking the Right Breast Augmentation Clinic

Breast Augmentation Clinic | Cosmetic Surgeon 

Every woman that wishes to undergo breast enlargement must be very careful in choosing breast augmentation clinic to ensure safe and successful surgery. It is right to seek for certified doctors and clinics first before considering the cost. Besides, the price would also depend on the surgeon’s expertise, qualifications and experiences.

If you do your research, you should always pay attention on the clinic’s customer feedback and watch out not just for the good things stated but most especially the bad feedback if there is. There will always be testimonials available for specific in-house surgeon as it could also help boost the credibility of most breast augmentation clinic. So, you can just look for it freely.

Do not in any way go for a cheaper breast augmentation clinic if you don’t know anything about their center and their surgeons. A lot of complaints were reported regarding the side effects of breast augmentation which can go from minor irritation to possible death.

Always ask for a schedule of consultation together with your selected surgeon. It will allow you to discuss all the important details of your operation such as your expectations, the shape and size of your implant, the type of the procedure as well as incision placements.

Also, it is necessary to have high confidence on your surgeon’s skills to help him or her achieve best result. That is why, investigating before going to the actual process is necessary to build up your trust in your doctor.

Getting ready for your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Normally, the doctor will give some guidelines and instructions before the surgery. Following these guidelines seriously and accurately will help you avoid possible complications during the operation and after the entire surgical procedure. Failure to do so will increase the risk of complications in the course of the operation and after.

In most cases, patients will be required to refrain from taking any anti-inflammatory medicine for the duration of at least ten days before the breast augmentation surgery. Aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs can thin the blood which makes any surgical procedure more dangerous.

Patients who smoke will also be requested to quit smoking for no less than two months prior to breast augmentation surgery. This is because nicotine in the body delays healing process. Also, it is recommended to get the necessary prescriptions to be used after the surgery prior to the operation.

On the exact day of the surgery, you must wear loose clothes so that you will not have a hard time removing it and wearing it again. Ask any of your relatives or close friends to bring you home following the surgery and accompany you for the next 2 days while you are in the process of recovering your normal physical condition.

Also, bear in mind that these guidelines only speak for general rules and not for specific condition of a patient. Your surgeon knows better on the subject of your true physical state as well as your medical history. Thus, make sure you get your surgeon’s specific guidelines before and after the operation carefully to ensure success.

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