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Potential Breast Augmentation Complication

Breast Augmentation Complications | Cosmetic Surgery Risks 

Acknowledging that breast augmentation surgery is a very complicated procedure, complications are likely to arise. Moreover, it is an invasive operation and it means more risk. And since breast augmentation involves inserting a foreign object inside a human breast and it is repositioned, breast augmentation complication rate will surely increase.

Although, breast augmentation complication remains true after the surgery, experienced and skillful surgeons can reduce its occurrence along with the patient’s full cooperation. Below are some facts that can help you understand breast augmentation complication.

  1. Infection – In most cases, infection rarely occur but if it does, it normally crop up during the first few days after the surgery. Only few cases are recorded that infection arises long after the surgery and the incisions are already healed. If it happens, the implant will be taken out from the breast until infection is gone and subsequently replace the implant.
  2. Symmastia – This makes the breasts appear too near from each other. The only way to remedy symmastia is to perform another surgery and fix it. In the case of patients having large implants the initial implants will be replaced with smaller size implants. Usually after the revision surgery, the patient will be required to wear support bra and bandages to support the cleavage while the process of healing the tissues is still ongoing.
  3. Bottoming Out – This is manifested by a nipple pointing in upward direction because the implant lodges in breast tissue a way too low. It can be fixed by another surgical operation.
  4. Capsular Contraction – As the natural healing process of our body continues a capsule can form and cover the breast implant. This can also happen with any foreign objects inserted in our body. Furthermore, there are cases where the capsule contracts around breast implant and it is commonly termed as capsular contraction. This breast augmentation risk is very unlikely to occur, but when it occurs it would be within few more months past the surgery. Moreover, capsular contraction can be corrected through surgical removal of implants and replacing it. 

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