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Guide in Choosing the Right Breast Augmentation MD

Breast Augmentation Doctor | Plastic Surgeon 

One of the most difficult phases in preparing for breast implant is choosing the breast augmentation MD that can turn any patient’s dream into reality. We can never argue on the fact that all patients are looking for the best doctor that can achieve quality result and can provide exceptional care.

Qualified surgeons with broad and intensive experience acquire not only useful knowledge in the field of breast implants but also techniques and confidence to deliver great results that his or her clients desires to achieve.

As a patient, you can be sure that experienced breast augmentation surgeon is more equipped to handle risks and problems brought by the surgery. Also, they have higher understanding on some vital techniques that can promote the chances of achieving perfect and accurate result. You may use the guidelines below in choosing the right surgeon.

  1. Look for surgeons that are certified by ABPS or the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ABMS or American Board for Medical Specialties because these surgeons are guaranteed good and have passed all the requirements set forth to obtain this certification.
  2. Look for a breast augmentation MD that had undergone several special trainings because you can be sure that he or she is more dependable. Any certified cosmetic surgeon can perform plastic surgery but they can never equal to those surgeons that has specialized training in the field of breast augmentation specifically in inserting breast implants. Also, if a certain surgeon is board certified by ABPS, that surgeon has most likely completed the latest training on the newest developments of cosmetic surgery.
  3. Look for breast augmentation MD that is practicing in an accredited clinic and Medicare certified hospital. This is because accredited hospitals and clinics have a group that evaluates the surgeons through their education, training as well as the surgeon’s overall ability before they can obtain operating privileges. This way, all patient can be very sure that the surgeon that will be handling them have passed a more intense screening and that they are more equipped compared to other surgeons practicing in non-accredited hospitals or clinics.
  4. Look for a collection of photos and testimonials then evaluate the breast augmentation MD accordingly. Aside from knowing that the surgeon is accredited and equipped with all necessary trainings, patients should always ask for “before and after” photos of all breast implants handled by the surgeon. By doing so, the patient will have a clearer view of the surgeon’s capability. It is also important to note the testimonials of the surgeon’s previous patients to have an idea on how the surgeon takes care of his or her patients.
  5. Look for any recommendations coming from a 3rd party organization and count those that are recommended by ABPS. 

Taking these things into consideration is very important however’ it is also imperative to consider your feelings and opinion as the patient who will undergo breast augmentation process. Having a good connection with your breast augmentation MD is important to openly discuss your views, goals and expectations. You can only do this if and only if you are comfortable with your surgeon.

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