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Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages


It is very important that the patient would really allocate enough time for breast augmentation recovery. This is because sufficient rest and faithful adherence on doctor’s instructions prevents risks and complications to arise. Therefore, fast, easy and proper healing can be achieved.

Phases of Breast Augmentation Recovery

Generally, any forms of strenuous activities should be avoided after the surgery. Instead, getting sufficient rest and regulating movements can drastically increase the chances of mending faster and prevents the patient from experiencing severe pain and soreness.

After a week, given that the recovery condition is normal the patient will be able to go back to work. However, any work that requires heavy lifting and other vigorous activity should always be avoided not until total recovery is achieved.

Moreover, there is slight difference on breast augmentation recovery time for patient who has used subgladular breast implant from patient who has used submuscular breast implant. In general, those that have subglandular implants would have shorter recovery time while those that have submuscular implants would endure breast augmentation recovery a bit more.

Normally, the surgeon would check the patient’s medical history before the surgery. It isby doing this that the surgeon would know what instructions and recommendations he or she must give to the patient to follow throughout breast augmentation recovery period. It is important that all the guidelines are followed correctly to ensure faster healing and optimal result.

First Two Weeks

Normally, during the first two to four days after the surgery, the patient will likely to feel fatigue and discomfort. Since these byproducts are anticipated, doctors normally prescribe some medicines that can fight and control pain. However, the patient may still feel tired and uneasy. To alleviate this condition, it is suggested that a patient should invite someone who is willing to help out during this period.

After a week or ten days following the surgery, the doctor will remove the stitches and the surgical dressings. Afterwards, the patient willneed to wear a surgical bra which will support the breast as it heals.

First Few Months

Note that several weeks while the patient is still in the process of healing, the breast can be extremely sensitive. Also, swelling may still linger for several weeks or a month. To prevent this from staying longer, the patient should be very careful in any activity avoiding any direct bodily contact with the breast not untilsensitivity disappears.

Ultimately, patient should never dare to rush breast augmentation recovery process to avoid injuries on the breasts. If this happen, it’s not only the recovery process will be hampered but also the success of the breast augmentation result. To prevent these things from happening, discuss these important matters with the surgeon beforehand and get ready for it.

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