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Breast Augmentation Scars After Surgery

Breast Augmentation Scars | Breast Plastic Surgery 

Just like any type of operation, breast augmentation scars is unavoidable. It is normal that within six weeks after the surgery, the appearance of the incision scars is somewhat pinkish and thick. But past few more months, scars will radically fade away but never really vanish completely.

As for the location of breast augmentation scars, it can be expected to appear on the incision sites. The degree and size of scar would depend on the technique used in placing the breast implant. However, if you happen to hire a skilled surgeon, the scars can exist but never visible. Highly skilled surgeon can craft incisions that will only produce scars that are very difficult to spot unless you pay close attention to it.

Moreover, to decrease the chances of getting ugly breast augmentation scars, follow all the instructions provided by the surgeon and make sure to do it correctly.

Avoiding Breast Augmentation Scars and Keloid

Naturally, the incisions associated with breast augmentation surgery will just heal. And while it heals, scars will slowly form. As said earlier, scars will normally appear red and firm and eventually flattens and transforms into a much lighter scars.

However, there are people who are susceptible to getting lump-filled ugly scars known as keloids. People who have darker skin are likely to develop keloids. One way of preventing keloids to appear is to leave surgical tapes on the incisions as it can produce pressure and tension on the wounds and in effect, reduced the occurrence of scars.

Also, avoid doing any activities that leads to infection like dipping in bath water and exposing the wounds directly to the harmful rays of sunlight. You can also avoid ugly breast augmentation scars and keloids by eating food that are rich in collagen as it can promote faster healing of wounds. And finally, inform your surgeon beforehand if keloid prevalently forms whenever you get a wound. That way, you can help your surgeon find ways to save you from getting bad scars.

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