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How To Determine Breast Augmentation Sizes

Breast Augmentation Sizes 

More and more women are convinced that getting breast augmentation is the best solution to their problem of not having a breast that is perfectly proportional with their entire body. While these women agreeof getting their breasts done, they are however unable to determine the perfect breast augmentation sizes for their respective conditions and find it rather upsetting.

Feeling that way is just normal. Of course, we all like to get the best out of our big investment. The same way about getting breast augmentation, others are anxious about the results and would want to make it as perfect as possible.

The key is, never attempt to go too big because it may lead to a very serious complication and you may get unwanted results, lengthy recovery and most of all spend more money for a wrong decision. However, a good surgeon will not let you fall into this dilemma by pushing you beyond your limit because they know the possible outcome. Therefore, hiring a highly skilled surgeon is also very important.

Guide In Choosing Breast Augmentation Sizes

During the initial consultation, it is wise to bring along some photos of your breast and the breasts that you would like to have. By doing this, you can clearly illustrate the result you want to achieve. This is also helpful in determining the necessary steps to achieve the goals as each of us has different anatomy.

That being said will also help the doctor to come up with a good idea regarding the patient’s ideal breast size. Moreover, there are some factors that need to be considered in deciding for breast augmentation sizes. These are listed below.

  1. Natural or fake – "Natural" suggests that the breasts will have natural slope and look after the surgery. Also, it denotes a natural size and look that goes perfectly with the body. On the other hand, "fake" describes a breast that never qualifies to anything natural. Some women opt to have a breast that goes in between natural and fake look.
  2. Individual lifestyle – before deciding for an implant size, remember to consider your lifestyle and your usual activities. If you love active sports and hard core exercises, you may choose to get an implant that will never get in your way as it would be very irritating. Although, this is not a problem to some, it is good to also consider it beforehand.
  3. Trying on size – this is a very good idea to get the right size and feel of your new breast. This should be done during the initial consultation. Also, there is another do-it-yourself way of breast sizing and it is called Rice test. It is said that this test will not give one hundred percent accurate result but at least very close to real.
  4. Measuring the rib cage – It is also very important to determine the circumference of the ribcage. To do this, all you have to do is to measure the area below your breasts or the breast crease. To get the exact measurement, size it from all the way round. 

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