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Understanding Breast Sensitivity

Breast Sensitivity | Breast Augmentation 

There are many factors that affects breast sensitivity and these are natural skin aging, skin thinning, reducing breast size, and others. Breast cancer is also one of the factors that can significantly affect breast sensitivity. Also, there are breast cosmetic and plastic surgeries that can incur breast sensitivity issues but it is often temporary.

The factors that can affect Breast Sensitivity

Some changes on the breast size can change breast sensitivity as a form of reaction. Most of the time, the doctors would ensure that the nerves in the breasts are protected all throughout the surgery. But despite that, there are times when the paths of nerves are disturbed. Hence, breast surgery methods that don’t hack any nerve that connects to the nipple will not likely to affect breast sensitivity.

In the case of breast reduction, there are some noted techniques that cannot harm breast tissues thus can preserve natural sensitivity. However, with breast augmentation operation, the insertion of implant especially the large ones can possibly incur damage to the nerves that connects to the nipple that may change breast sensitivity. A good and experienced surgeon however can prevent this from happening by avoiding interference with a specific nerve branch which is the fourth intercostals nerve branch. That way, the natural sensitivity can remain.

Sensitivity Test before the Surgery

Most doctors perform sensitivity test before the surgery for the purpose of measuring breast sensitivity. Doctors will be employing different techniques in evaluating effectively breast sensitivity as well as nipple erection. Example methods are the use of energy-based stimulation to arouse the nipple and the use of cotton balls for nipple stimulation. The technique is seemingly simple but the calculation of nipple sensitivity result is fairly difficult.

However, study shows that the skin above the upper area of a human breast is the most sensitive while the areola is the medium sensitive and lastly, the nipple is actually the least sensitive. Also, it was found out that smaller breasts are even more sensitive compared to larger ones.

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