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Nipple Surgery - Overview

Nipple Surgery | Breast Augmentation 

Basically, nipple surgery is designed to enhance the size and appearance of the nipple for both men and women. In most cases, this surgery is employed on patients who have undergone breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery. The right candidates for this type of operation are those that have asymmetric nipples, enlarged nipples and inverted nipples. On the contrary, women who have future plans to breastfeeding should not be advised for this technique. Furthermore, the price of nipple surgery can go anywhere from $1,600 - $2,500.

How Nipple Surgery is performed?

The options for the surgery location are hospitals, surgeon’s private clinic, and outpatient surgery center. Also, the breast augmentation surgeon can use either local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on what the surgeon deemed necessary to employ on patient. Usually, the entire operation will run for about an hour and the patient will be able to return home at the very same day.

The Procedure

Part of the nipple surgery is the making of incision directly on the nipple or areola. In the case where the patient is having an enlarged nipple, the doctor would likely to extract extra skin out from the nipple before the incision will be closed. However, there are also cases where the doctor would lift the tissue around the incision then relocate it. Soon after the restructuring is done, the doctor will use bandage to minimize pain and swelling.

What happens after Nipple Surgery?

Since nipple surgery is done within a short period of time, its recovery period is also relatively short. The use of local anesthesia can make recovery time even shorter. Though bruising and swelling will surely arise, pain is normally out after few days past the breast surgery. Pain in nipple area can also be anticipated, but it can be controlled by oral medication. In fact, the patient may only need the medication for a couple days or less.

In addition, the patient will likely to feel hypersensitivity following breast enlargement surgery but it is expected to reduce and disappear after a few months past the surgery. Patients are obliged to not do anything strenuous for at least a couple or more weeks past the operation. Furthermore, most surgeons will give out some guidelines and instructions for the whole recovery period to avoid further risks and complications. Lastly, the benefit of nipple surgery cannot be seen immediately but will definitely be showing improvement after several months.

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