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Breast Lift Cost - Computing Your Options

Breast Lift Cost | Plastic Surgery 

The average breast lift cost stands at around $7,500. That is a serious amount – one that the average consumer cannot afford to part ways with on a whim especially in a struggling economy. Despite this, thousands of women flock to plastic surgery clinics each year to avail of a breast lift surgery.

Breast mastopexy or breast lift is a very common cosmetic procedure. In 2009, more than 87,000 breast lifts were performed in the United States alone. In that same year, spending on mastopexy was close to $366 million. Most of the patients were women above the age of 40. Some 32% of breast lift patients were between the ages 30 to 40 while 16% were below 30 years of age.

Exactly how much does a breast lift cost?

The exact cost of a breast lift cannot be determined without first properly consulting a board certified plastic surgeon. Pricing is computed on a case to case basis since there are different types of breast lift surgery procedures and each of these has varying scope. In most cases, a full breast lift, which puts the patient under general anesthesia and uses an anchor incision with both vertical and horizontal incisions, will certainly cost more than a lollipop incision using only a vertical cut.

Aside from the type of procedure to be performed, other factors that affect the final total cost of breast lift surgery are the following:

  1. Size and condition of the breasts – Usually the more mass, the more sutures will be needed to firm up and reshape the breasts. The degree of sagging is also a determinant for how complex the operation will be.
  2. Anesthesia – Majority of breast mastopexy are performed under general anesthesia which is the more expensive option. There are cases where the procedure requires minor incisions that the surgeon may choose to go with local anesthetics and sedatives.
  3. Surgery facilities – Having your breast surgery in a big hospital facility will usually mean a larger bill compared to having the procedure take place in a suitable clinic.
  4. Breast implants and other procedures – Breast lifts are commonly availed along with other plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation with implants (or in some cases breast reduction), tummy tuck and liposuction. The size and brand of implants used as well as the extent of the other body contouring procedures all add to the total cost of the operation.
  5. Your surgeon’s credentials – There’s no question that only a board certified plastic surgeon should conduct breast lifts. Nevertheless, while a well-known surgeon is usually high priced do not base your choice of surgeon purely on the cost. 

The cost of a breast lift will range anywhere from $3,500 to $9,000, related costs not included. This is already a significant investment for most people. Make sure that you receive ample consultations from professional cosmetic surgeons and that you have checked your computations before opting for breast lift surgery.

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