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Facts About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery Procedure 

There are several plastic surgery procedures that can be classified under cosmetic breast surgery. Among these is the breast lift or mastopexy procedure. Thousands of women choose to undergo breast lift surgery every year. This is true not only in the United States but for many other countries around the world.

Breast lift surgery is primarily performed by cosmetic surgeons to reposition, contour and tighten a patient’s sagging breasts so that it takes a more pleasing shape. The form and firmness of women’s breasts change over time due to such factors as heredity, pregnancy and breastfeeding, significant weight changes or simply as a consequence of aging. By opting to have a breast lift, women get the chance to have more youthful and appealing breasts which they can be confident with.

Breast lift surgery procedure

Before deciding to go for a breast lift, women should first consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. The kind and scope of the procedure needs to be determined first before anything else. Only a qualified and experienced cosmetic breast surgery specialist should advise the patient and perform breast mastopexy. It is a fairly common operation but it is a surgical procedure that absolutely requires the right knowledge, training and skill.

As for the breast lift procedure itself, depending on the extent of the incision that would be required, the patient may be subject to general anesthesia. If only a small incision will be made, a localized anesthesia may be enough. The surgeon proceeds to make the appropriate incisions, excess skin is surgically removed and often, the areola of the breast is also reduced to a smaller size then repositioned along with the nipples to a desired height. The breast tissue is firmed up and reshaped with sutures and then the incisions are sewn shut. Surgical tape and skin adhesives may also be used to close the wound and support the reshaped breasts.

Different breast lifts

A full breast lift operation uses an anchor shaped incision – around the areola, vertically from the areola to the underside of the breast and a horizontal incision along the underside breast fold. Variations to this involve eliminating either or both vertical or horizontal incisions. The lollipop lift only includes the cut around the areola and a vertical incision. The donut lift, also known as the Benelli mastopexy, uses concentric incisions around the areola only. The choice of incision will determine the amount and location of scarring after the surgery.

Furthermore, breast lift surgery may be conducted separately or in conjunction with other plastic surgeries. In many cases, women opt to undergo breast lifts together with other breast surgery procedures like breast augmentation with implants or breast reduction.

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