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How Breast Lift Without Implants Is Performed

Breast Lift Without Implants 

Before breast lift without implants will be performed, the doctor would normally evaluate first the patient’s health and emotional condition. Next is the setting of goals and expectation of both the patient and the doctor.

Below is the list of information that a patient needs to prepare before going to the doctors clinic for the initial consultation:

1. Previous surgery (if there is any)

2. Medical history

3. Treatments (past and present)

4. Types of medications taken including herbal and other nutritional supplements

5. History of any weight loss or pregnancy that affects the breast size. (State the effects)

6. Any mammogram results

7. Family record of breast cancer

Breast lift without Implant - The Procedure

Normally, the patient’s anatomy and desired result is the basis for the breast lift method to be used.In the case of breast lift without implant, the technique to be employed will include removal of excess skin in the breast and the remaining tissue will be shaped making use of the natural breast tissue.

Next is the repositioning of the nipple as well as the areola into a much higher location. If deemed necessary, the areola can also be altered and reduced. Moreover, the skin that previously settled above the areola will be pulled down neatly together to structure the breasts. If there is a need to make further enhancement with the breast’s contour, liposuction can be employed especially if the affected area is the peripheries of the breasts.

After the surgery, the scar that may surface will look like a lollipop. During the first few days, the breast will most likely look too high. There will also be some visible crinkle on the incision. However, after few more weeks normally six, the patient can already see some significant improvements on the appearance of the breast because during this time, the new shape of the breast is even more manifested. The absolute appearance of the breast will likely become apparent six months past the surgery.

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