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Overview Of Breast Reduction and Lift

Breast Reduction and Lift | Breast Lift Surgery 

Breast reduction and lift can be attained through the process of Mammaplasty. However, when tackled individually, these two procedures though carries similar process actually varies in purpose. To explain this, breast reduction is done slightly the same as breast lift but its purpose is to alleviate health condition. Breast lift on the other hand is designed for enhancement and beauty purposes.

Reduction mammoplasty, is performed employing both breast reduction and lift. This procedure is believed to be one of the five most preferred reconstructive surgeries in the US. In fact, even insurance companies already included breast reduction and lift procedure in their health insurances for the reason that this procedure also has medical purpose.

Why Choose Breast Reduction and Lift?

Actually, there are several known reasons why women seek to undergo breast reduction and lift. One of the reasons is that, when the breasts are too big for a woman’s overall size, there is a huge possibility that she will suffer from severe back pain, neck pain, skeletal deformities, shoulder problems, skin irritations and even breathing problems.

Another reason why breast reduction and lift is common is because there are women who believe that their oversized breasts will cause them ridicule. Not only that, women with extreme large breast will restrict themselves from enjoying great sports as they are more conscious with their breasts than the things they do.

Breast Reduction and Lift Procedure

This procedure is usually done in an outpatient setting. The doctor will use general anesthesia on patient to make them feel at ease. The entire procedure can take around 2-4 hours depending on the work required. The surgeon will create an anchor like incision enclosing the areola going down to the breast crease and extend horizontally along the folds of the breast.

After the surgery, scars will likely to surface. If the patient is greatly troubled with the thought of having visible scars, she can actually discuss it with the surgeon before the surgery as surgeons have their own way of crafting the incision purposely to minimize the emergence of scars.

Part of the breast reduction and lift procedure is the removal of excess tissue from the patient’s breast. Next is the repositioning of the nipple. This process may cause insensitivity to the nipple and might shut the ability of breastfeeding. Lastly, the breasts will be formed in a more suiting and enhanced shape and size.

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