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Breast Reconstruction Procedure Using an Implant

Breast Reconstruction Implant | Breast Plastic Surgery 

The most common procedure performed following breast removal is breast reconstruction surgery with the use of implants. This type of surgical procedure usually involves the use of tissue expander while other situation only requires direct insertion of breast implants under the muscle.

Although breast reconstruction implants do not at all times give a significantly good result, it is still one of the most preferred method to reconstruct the breast because it only require less surgery with less chances of surgical snags. With breast reconstruction implant, the patient will get fewer scars compared to breast reconstruction involving the use of the patient’s own tissue. This is why more women opt to getting their breast done using a breast implant.

The Process

Breast reconstruction can be done utilizing tissue expander or by plainly inserting the implant under the muscle. In most cases, breast is reformed by the use of tissue expander purposely to create a space for the implant prior to its insertion.

Breast Reconstruction through Tissue Expander

Following the breast removal or mastectomy, the skin on the site is expected to be less. The plastic surgeon will then surgically place a tissue expander that looks like a balloon below the patient’s chest muscle to have a secure place for the implant.

After a couple of weeks, the surgeon will then inject a saline solution on the initially planted tissue expander via a tiny valve inserted on the patient’s skin. It is done every week after the second week following mastectomy. Soon after the tissue expander duly stretched the skin of the breast, the surgeon will replace it with an implant. Depending on the patient’s request and condition, the surgeon would continue the final breast reconstruction surgery which includes the restoration of the areola and nipple in a later date. Usually, breast reconstruction utilizing tissue expander can be entirely executed for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Breast Reconstruction through Breast Implant

There are also cases in which tissue expander is not needed to complete breast reconstruction. This is when the patient has sufficient remaining skin to fully cover the implant. In this case, the implant can be directly inserted during the surgical removal of the breast or later.

Patients who will qualify to this type of procedure are lucky to avoid the inconvenience of going back and see the doctor over again. Furthermore, the reconstruction of areola and nipple can also be done after the breast reconstruction implant if the patient would request for it.

Breast Reconstruction Implant Cost

The total price of breast reconstruction can be affected and therefore changeable by many things. Whether you get breast reconstruction during mastectomy or after, it is imperative to inquire first and get the correct total breast reconstruction cost in order to avoid any problems relating to your money owing. Make sure that everything is clear to you before submitting yourself to the actual surgery.

Also, you may contact your insurance company about their policy on breast reconstruction following mastectomy. This is not an elective procedure, thus your insurance company must cover the expenses. Furthermore, note that the Women's Health Rights and Cancer Act of 1998 directly specified that insurer should cover the expenses of breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

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