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About Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction Mastectomy | Plastic Surgery 

Generally, the patient has the option to subsequently undergo breast restoration right after mastectomy or postponed it well ahead. Some women prefer to go through breast reconstruction mastectomy to achieve the desired result in one setting. However, there are also those who are not medically or emotionally prepared to undergo breast reconstruction after breast removal.

Breast reconstruction mastectomy is quite complex procedure that might involve more than one technique. Therefore, it is best that before undergoing breast reconstruction you should know first both the basic and the important things about the surgery.Today, women have already several options for breast reconstruction. Below are some facts on different methods of performing breast reconstruction mastectomy.

  1. Breast Implants – This method utilizes specialized tissue expander and skin stretching. The patient may choose what type of implants she wanted to use and it should be either silicon or saline implant.
  2. TRAM Flap – This is another method to execute breast reconstruction mastectomy. The beauty of TRAM flap is that the breast mound to be used on the patient is actually made of the patient’s own tissue which is usually extracted from abdominal area or back region. Furthermore, the process of extracting tissues from the patient’s back is known as latissimusdorsi flaps. In this kind of procedure, it is imperative to hire a surgeon who is significantly experienced on the process of this method.
  3. Another way of performing breast reconstruction mastectomy is by constructing the breast from the patient’s tissue and tattooed to look a lot like a real nipple. In some rare cases, the surgeon might reattach the original nipple only if identified to be totally cancer free. However, since the reattached nipple lacks the nerve connection, it will not rise anymore and would not respond to a touch or temperature.
  4. Breast Prostheses – This is employed on patients who decided to undergo breast reconstruction at a later time. The artificial breast is usually made up of silicone gel which fits to a bra cup. Normally during the first few days, the prosthesis would feel cold and at the same time heavy but this unpleasant feeling will just go away after few more days. 

On the other hand, breast reconstruction does not usually intervene with chemotherapy. In most cases, if the patient still needs to undergo radiation therapy, the doctor would usually postpone breast reconstruction. Moreover, complications are not likely to arise but bleeding, infection and scarring might be experienced.

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