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Finding The Right Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Breast Reconstruction Surgeon | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Breast restoration in itself is a very specialized surgery. Therefore, only a specialized board certified breast reconstruction surgeon can execute it seamlessly. The advantages of getting highly skilled surgeon are good result, low risk rate and less error.

Most of the time, plastic surgeons are prepared in executing breast reconstruction. That being said doesn’t guarantee that all of them are well trained and have sufficient experience in breast reconstruction. Therefore, it is very important that a patient should exert enough time and effort in choosing breast reconstruction surgeon.

What to look for in a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon?

Take any information that you can possibly get before deciding for a breast reconstruction surgeon that will carry out the operation. One good step to begin the search is to get some referral from your general physician and be advised. Another way is by asking some information about some recognized surgeon from different doctors, nurses or any medical professionals.

Furthermore, you can make use of some publications that publish topics like top surgeons listed by region and fields. That way, you can get their contact information for your easy access. Soon after your list is ready and you have started contacting your selected surgeons, you might want to consider the following as a guide in choosing the right breast reconstruction surgeon.

Board Certification

Make sure that you have selected a board certified doctor to carry out your operation. The reason for this is that, if the surgeon is board certified, you can be sure that he or she have undergone several trainings and have performed significant surgeries before he or she obtained the certification. Also, board certified surgeons adheres to strict code of ethic which means assurance in the patient’s part that the doctor is practicing his or her profession appropriately.

Trainings and Experiences

While it is true that a qualified surgeon can provide the patient good result, it is even more beautiful if the patient hires a specialized breast reconstruction surgeon that has extensive training and experiences on the procedure that you are about to undergo. That way, you can be sure to get real great results.

A good breast reconstruction surgeon is someone that is confident to show his or her previous works. One great way to be familiar of your surgeon’s work is to check some of his or her collection of before and after photos. Also, you may ask your surgeon to help you speak to women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery under his or her care. This way, you can ask those women about how the surgery goes with the surgeon and what they feel about the result. Afterwards, you can also evaluate the surgeon yourself about what you think on his or her works.

Truthful Communication

One of the most important things to discuss prior to the surgery is the expectations of both the surgeon and the patient. It would be best if the surgeon would really give realistic anticipated result, possible risks and limitations. On the patient’s part, it is better to give practical expectations as doctors are just human and not some sort of a magician that can provide the patient impossible things.

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