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TRAM Breast Reconstruction - Procedure And Technique

TRAM Breast Reconstruction | Plastic Surgery Cosmetic 

Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous or simply TRAM flap is another method used to reconstruct breasts. This method utilizes skin, muscles and fats taken from the patient’s abdomen to form a new breast mass after the process of mastectomy.

TRAM breast reconstruction can be performed in two ways. One is to detach tissue flap and the other is to attach and tunnel tissue flap. After TRAM breast reconstruction, the patient may not achieve the exact natural look of her original breast and may also need another surgery to reconstruct the nipple as well as the areola.

TRAM Breast Reconstruction Procedure 

During the execution of TRAM breast reconstruction, the patient’s skin, muscle and fats will be shifted from the tummy going to the chest. This should be done to produce a breast mass that will replace the original breasts.

In most cases, women have sufficient tissue on the abdominal area which is why this area becomes the usual donor of tissue to produce a new breast mass. However, there are also cases where the patient has scanty tissue and cannot produce a breast mass because the tissue is not enough. The doctor would have to use small implant to fill in the total size of the breast.

TRAM Breast Reconstruction Methods 

Pedicle Flap – In this method, excising the flap of the patient’s skin, blood vessels, fat and muscle from its location particularly in the abdomen is not required. It works in a way that Pedicle flap is shifted by means of a tunnel underneath the patient’s skin going to the chest area.

Free Flap – In this method, the surgeon will have to excise a portion of the skin, blood vessels as well as the muscles out from the patient’s abdomen. The excised portion will then be moved to the patient’s chest and the blood vessels will be reconnected again trough microsurgery called DIEP flap procedure.

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