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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction | Plastic Surgery 

The plastic surgery procedure for breast reduction reduces the weight and size of large breasts. Women with large breasts encounter symptoms such as back and neck discomfort, indentation of the shoulders from bra straps, and frequent skin irritations under the breasts. Having large breast restricts physical activity and may cause a woman to feel self-conscious. Some women complain they have trouble sleeping and often have to sleep in a brassiere. Others complain of headaches.

The breast reduction operation to reduce the size of the breasts takes place in the hospital and usually requires a 24-hour stay but in select cases takes place as an outpatient procedure. Time out of work depends on the intensity of physical activity required in the workplace.

The plastic surgery procedure for breast reduction does alleviate backache, neckache and often headache. Rashes become less frequent and notching of the shoulders from the bra straps decreases. Exercise is possible without pain in the breasts.

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