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Breast Reduction Operation Facts

Breast Reduction Operation | Cosmetic Surgery 

While there are many people who wants to get breast enlargement surgeries, there are also people who wants their bossom to reduce. Breast reduction operation can be performed on women who suffer from weighty flabby breast which may become the main cause of discomfort.

Before the Surgery

Any patient would need to go through initial consultation with the surgeon purposely to discuss the patient’s goals and views about breast reduction operation. Although it is imperative to tell the doctors about your plans, it is also important to ask suggestions from your surgeon as he or she knows more than you do and has several experiences that are similar to your case.

During the consultation, give some realistic goals and expectations. Your surgeon can deliver good results with his or her skills and your cooperation. Ask the surgeon about the possible risks of undergoing breast reduction operation. Be suspicious if he or she can’t give you enough information about the downside of the procedure because if the surgeon is really experienced enough he or she should know. Moreover, you can also inquire about the entire cost of the surgery and the available financing alternatives for you.

Be devoted in following the guidelines set by the surgeon before the surgery, this would help you avoid risky complications during and after breast reduction operation. Make sure everything is clear to you in order to help your surgeon achieve desirable result and smooth operation.

Pre-Surgery Guideline

Normally, the surgeon would require the patient to not take drugs that contains aspirin before the surgery. This is because aspirin can increase the chance of complication to arise during or after the operation since aspirin may trigger severe bleeding.

Patients that smokes will be requested to stop taking nicotine several weeks before the surgery as nicotine can delay the healing process which is not beneficial to the patient. It is expected that after the surgery, you will need time to rest in order to recover fast. Ask any of your friends or family member to drive you home following the surgery and stay with you for at least 2 days to assist you while you are gaining back your strength and normal health condition.

Risks Accompanying Breast Reduction Operation

There are several possible risks that may arise after breast reduction operation. These include sensation problems, possible breast feeding problems and breast asymmetry. Patient needs to be aware of these risks before going through the actual surgery.

Breast irregularity is not most likely to appear after the surgery. This can happen if the surgeon who performed the procedure is not experienced enough on breast reduction operation. If this happens, a specialized surgeon can correct breast asymmetry issues better than general plastic surgeon.

Losing breast sensation can happen specially if the patient’s areola has been removed and grafted. While the areola has been placed to its proper location, the effect of this procedure could be a temporary or total loss of breast sensation. This can be avoided if the method used for breast removal is the non-grafting technique.

Future Breastfeeding Problems

Depending on the surgical procedure used in breast reduction operation, future problems on breastfeeding may or may not arise. But it is fairly possible that a patient can no longer breastfeed after the surgery.

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