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Breast Reduction Price Details and Financing Options

Breast Reduction Price | Cost of Breast Reduction 

The initial consultation would usually cover the details of the surgery like the patient’s plans and goals, shape and size of the breast, surgical techniques,patient’s condition, patient-doctor expectations, breast reduction price as well as financial alternatives that the patient can avail.It is expected that during the consultation, the surgeon would explain to the patient in detail about the things that will happen before, during and after the surgery including its associated risks.

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery that can be performed to remedy different medical problems such as neck and back pain, breathing problems, skin irritation and skeletal deformities due to excessive heaviness of the breast. Overly large breasts can make someone feelawfully conscious that might lead to losing self-confidence.

Average Breast Reduction Price

Basically, breast reduction price would vary individually as each patient has different condition, plans and intentions. However, the procedure will cost around $5,000 - $10,000 and it’s definitely changeable per patient. There are different factors that influence the erratic breast reconstruction prices and these are the charges related to the surgery.

However, the typical breast reduction price drops at $7,200 including other additional charges such as facility fee, laboratory fee, operating room fee (if the surgery is done in the hospital), anesthesia, prescriptions following breast reduction surgery and post-surgery care such as garments and bandages.

Moreover, if the patient will request for another surgical procedure after breast reduction like breast lift surgery, the price is expected to increase as it will again entail another surgical process which means another set of different charges. It is however cheaper to have two different procedures done separately than combining it in one setting.

Other factors that influence the fluctuation of breast reduction price is surgeon’s fee, overhead costs, surgeon’s location, surgical techniques, broadness of work needed and the location where the surgery will be performed. Normally, it is done in outpatient setting but some conditions require hospital facilities. In this case, the cost would increase as there’s a need to pay for hospitalservices. However, if the procedure is done to alleviate one’s health, insurance companies are the ones who usually take care of the bills.

Getting Funds for your Breast Reduction Surgery

Although it is true that insurance companies do cover expenses for breast reduction operation, there are other insurance companies that don’t really pay the entire amount of the surgery. In this case, the patient is obliged to pay the remaining charges through cold cash, credit card or check.

However, nowadays there are already other means to pay breast reduction charges and that is through applying for different financing programs aside from financing programs provided by some surgeon. Healthcare financing companies generally provides rotating credit arrangement and payment options tailored to aid interested qualified patients.

How to apply for Financing Plans

Financing companies normally offers financial aid to most surgeons nationwide. Patients may apply for breast reduction funding through filling out online forms or through personal visit to any of the participating healthcare offices. The credit plan will be arranged according to the patient’s needs and condition. Soon after the patient qualifies for a breast reduction operation financing, he or she will be informed immediately.

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