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The Phases of Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast Reduction Recovery | Cosmetic Surgery 

A lot of potential breast reduction patients want to know more about how the recovery goes after breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction recovery correlates with the patient’s overall health condition and the degree of surgical wounds that requires healing. Below are the phases and the equivalent activities that a patient must undergo after the surgery

Breast Reduction Recovery Phase 1: Anesthesia

Usually, a patient will be back to consciousness after a couple of hours or more. Soon as the patient is awaken, the feeling of discomfort and pain will follow as the anesthesia slowly subside. Some patient will experience being so emotional and others encounters intense trembling which can be controlled by appropriate medicines. It helps if the operating room has ready heating lamps but if there’s none, the patient may request for a blanket.However, the effects of anesthesia will differ per body reaction.

Phase 2: Drains

Most doctors place some drains on the incision areas as an exit for the fluids. The patient also needs to be dressed in compression garment or a special bra that has elastic bandages to support the breasts. The surgical drains will be removed few days after the surgery. The patient is not likely to feel any pain as these drains are removed but might sense some irritation around the edges of the wound.

Phase 3: Incision Care

One way of promoting fast breast reduction recovery is keeping the incisions dry all the time. In general, the surgeon would give necessary instructions on how to take care of the wounds.Also, remember to never put any type of creams or lotions directly to the wounds as it can cause infection. It’s good to inform all the people whom the patient has direct contact about these important guidelines before everything is too late.

Phase 4: Suture Removal

Normally, the stitches will be removed approximately ten days after the surgery. It is also at this time that the patient’s incisions sites will be checked. Unlike the removal of surgical drains, the stitches when removed would trigger pain especially if the incision edges are accidentally hit or sheared with the surgical scissor during the removal process.

Phase 5: Temperature Monitoring

Breast reduction recovery requires regular temperature check. Note that temperature increasesignals infection and an antibiotic should be ingest to control it.

Phase 6: Pain and Soreness

Pain and soreness caused by bruising and swelling is high during the first few days after breast reduction surgery. It is recommended to take your medicines precisely as said by the doctor to avoid suffering from too much pain. Take an effort to make the entire breast reduction recovery time as short as possible.

Phase 7: Sleeping

Expect that few days after the surgery; sleeping will never be as relaxing as it should be. It is in fact one of the hardest things to do. The patient needs to sleep with two to three soft pillows behind her back purposely to keep her torso elevated. It is needed to release pressure on the incision areas to decrease swelling and minimize the pain.

Phase 8: Bathing

The patient will be required to sponge bathe up until the wounds are completely healed and the sutures are removed. Washing of hair may not be possible; it is recommended that the patient will keep her hair braided especially during meal and medication time to keep it clean. Keeping clean is important during breast reduction recovery.

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