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Different Types Of Breast Reduction Scars

Breast Reduction Scars | Breast Reduction 

Any surgical operation will leave behind scars to the patient. And breast reduction scars are quite a confirmation. Most patients obtain graceless reddish scars that would stay for quite long time before it converts into finer white lines. The fact is, the larger the amount of skin removed, the bigger is the chance to have larger and deeper scars.

Since scars after breast reduction operation are permanent, the best thing that most doctors do is to place the incisions on discreet locations so that the patient will not have any problem concealing the scarsespecially when the patient has to wearplunging tops and sexy swim wear.

However, if the patient smokes even before the surgery there is a possibility that the scars would grow wider over time. Therefore, it is best that the patient will stop smoking several months prior to the surgery and remain nicotine free after the surgery. Doctor’s instructions after operation should be seriously followed to avoid infection which is the cause of delayed healing that result to nasty scars.

What types of scars are likely to appear after the surgery?

There are two different ways to execute breast reduction operation.The first method is the vertical reduction method. This method is believed to be less intrusive. This is performed by employing full circular periareolar openings as well as vertical incisions starting from the bottommost part of the areola towards the inframammary crease and through breast’s centerline. This method can be performed on almost all women except those that have extremely large breast. With this type of method used, scars are expected to be less.

The second method is full reduction method. This breast reduction surgery method is employed on patients with extremely large and drooping breast. The technique use for this method is anchor incision. This technique is somewhat similar to vertical reduction but only it has added procedure which is horizontal inframammary long incision that crosses to the breast fold. It is believed that this method is by far the producer of more than a few scars.

Dealing with Breast Reduction Scars

While, breast reduction scars is inevitable it is good to note that scars are normally placed on areas where it will be kept hidden and even revealing outfit will not bring themout. However, given that the doctor has done his very best to make the scars appear as unobtrusive as possible and yet there are still some scars that are showing proudly on your breast. The best thing to deal with it is by undergoing another procedure which is scar reduction surgery.

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