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Male Breast Reduction Surgery Overview

Male Breast Reduction Surgery | Male Cosmetic Surgery 

Male breast reduction surgery is performed on men with enlarged breasts - this condition is called male gynecomastia. It is said that gynecomastia normally starts in puberty age which had become one of the causes of psychological problems of some male teens and adults.

Moreover, it was found out that male breast reduction surgery is so far the best solution for enlarged male breasts. Normally, before any surgery would take place the surgeon would conduct initial one on one consultation.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will examine the patient’s family history and study other related factors that might have influenced the occurrence of gynecomastia such as: Obesity, aging, puberty, impaired liver function, usage of anabolic steroids, usage of general prescription medicines, usage of herbal testosteroneextracts, usage of medicines containing estrogen, testicular hormone production problems, Klinefelter Syndrome and Gilbert's Syndrome.

In some instance, one surgeon may need the expertise of other surgeon to fully understand and to further evaluate the patient’s condition and to give proper medication.However, male breast reduction surgery becomes the most prevalent remedy for gynecomastia.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

The procedure begins at examining and identifying how much fat and skin has to be removed before taking the necessary steps to commence gynecomastia surgery. Given that the patient qualifies for male breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will then give him an idea of how the surgery is done and its results. Also, it is important that the patient will inform the surgeon his goals and expectations prior to the surgery.

During the operation the surgeon usually remove excess tissue from the patient’s breast and lift the remaining tissues to tighten. Another procedure such as precision liposuction can be employed in order to sculpt the tissues thoroughly.

Moreover, some surgeon would go beyond fixing the physical appearance of the patient’s breast. There are in fact lots of them who really made an effort and develop some skills in addressing the psychological problems brought by gynecomastia especially to young adults.

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