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Earlobe Reconstruction and Recovery

Earlobe Reconstruction | Reconstructive Plastic Surgery 

Damages toearlobes are quite common everywhere in the world because of the ubiquitous practice of wearing ear ornaments such as earrings and ear gauges. In many cultures, stretching of the earlobes is an expected norm. Cross-cultural influences and human migration patterns have led to the adoption of such activities. Unfortunately, many of them end up in earlobe deformities or injuries and the subsequent need forearlobe reconstruction.

Cosmetic ear surgery to repair damaged earlobes is just a simple procedure. If it is a simple case of a torn earlobe due to heavy earrings or earrings that were pulled with sufficient force, a few stitches is all that it would take to restore the affected earlobe. This can be done in less than 30 minutes at the doctor’s office with only a small amount of local anesthetics.

Earlobe Reconstruction for Severely Damaged Earlobes

Some split earlobes may be more unsightly than the usual vertical slit produced by heavy earrings. Some people choose to wear more than one earring, which may create multiple tears to the earlobe. Often times, earlobe tissues leftover as stubs from a tear due to multiple piercings lose some mass resulting to irregularly contoured earlobes. In others, some earlobe tissue may be severed entirely like in cases of accidental lacerations. Stretched earlobes through the use of ear gauges will also require reconstructive ear surgery to restore the appearance of the earlobe.

Earlobe reconstruction for a severely damaged earlobe will need a more extensive earlobe surgery technique. In almost all these scenarios, reshaping of the earlobe will be necessary to restore it to a normal size and shape. Stretched earlobes will have to undergo lobe reduction. This reconstructive ear surgery technique requires the removal of some excess skin and tissue from the elongated lobes.

Ear Surgery Recovery

Complications afterearlobe reconstruction are very rare. The patient may return to engage in normal activities immediately, although a short rest period would be advised. Some numbing may persist for the first few hours but this should disappear in less than 24 hours. Scarring is expected to linger for a few weeks but should clear up in 4 to 6 months. If the patient experiences prolonged pain or other symptoms during theear surgery recovery period, a checkup with the surgeon should be made to see if any infections developed.

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