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Torn Earlobe Repair Cost and Options for Financing

Earlobe Repair Cost | Plastic Surgery Procedure 

In the field of cosmetic surgery,split earlobe repair is very common. Not only that,earlobe surgery for atorn earlobe is regarded as a very simple procedure. It can easily be performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. For as long as proper sanitation is observed, theearlobe repair procedure very rarely results in complications.

Most cases of earlobe damage that will require subsequentearlobe repair surgery are due to over stretching and eventual tearing or splitting of the earlobe by way of inappropriate handling of earrings. Perhaps the earrings were pulled too forcefully thus causing thetornearlobe. There are patients who neededearlobe surgery because they had one too many ear piercings, which led to the weakening of the earlobe tissue. In many instances, the person used a heavier than normal dangling earring for far too long. This aggravated the piercing, which created a traction wound and finally splitting the earlobe in two.

Average Earlobe Repair Cost

Regarding the actualearlobe surgery cost, the price for the surgery will vary depending on location, surgeon’s level of expertise, extent ofearlobe repair surgery required and other mitigating circumstances. In the United States, the average earlobe repair cost is around US$500.

Some people might think that for something as simple asearlobe repair, which seldom lasts longer than 30 minutes, spending $500 may be too much over the budget. In some situations, that’s $500 or more per earlobe! Many cosmetic surgeons give discounts particularly for patients with limited means. This is why searching for a good plastic surgeon with the right credentials and affordable rates, is very important so that you can be sure you are paying the right amount and you are getting your money’s worth.

Post-operativeearlobe repair cost is almost unheard of since there is really no other expense during the recovery stage other than the occasional over-the-counter pain reliever medicine. Of course, if there might arise any complications after theearlobe surgery, additional costs might be charged to the patient.

Financing for Earlobe Repair

Many cosmetic surgery clinics will offer in-house financing schemes up to a certain amount of the totalearlobe repair cost. There are also independent financing companies that can help with your earlobe surgery bill. Just make sure you are amenable to the interest rates and terms. Finally, check with your insurance company if they will cover the cost ofearlobe repair particularly if thetorn earlobe was due to an accident.

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