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Asian Eyelid Surgery - Blepharoplasty To Have Double Eyelids

Among cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures, double eyelidblepharoplasty orAsian eyelid surgery is very popular. It is consistently among the top 5 plastic surgery procedures in the United States for the past decade.Eyelid surgery either placed second or third in the rankings according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Most people who choose to have double eyelid surgery are Asians; hence, the term Asian eyelid surgery. This is because more than half of the people of East Asian descent lack a crease in their upper eyelids. This monolid or single eyelid feature distinguishes most Asians from other people of different racial origins. Still, even though there are cultural issues to this surgical procedure, the motivation of patients is not to lose their Asian identity but simply to enhance the appearance of the eyes and, in many cases, to improve their visual faculties.

Asian eyelid surgery procedure

There are two methods used for Asian eyelid surgery – suture and incisional. With the suture method, a crease on the eyelids are formed through one or more sutures. As for the incisional method, incisions are made on the eyelid either with the use of a scalpel or a surgical laser. A small amount of skin and underlying tissues are removed and then the eyelid is sutured accordingly.

Experienced eyelid surgery experts often recommend full incisional double eyelid surgery instead of the suture method. While the suture method is fast to perform, less costly and heals very quickly, there is a general consensus that the suture method for upper blepharoplasty is not a permanent solution. This is because the sutures may weaken over time which will eliminate the eyelid crease.

On the other hand, Asian eyelid surgery using the incisional method is indeed more permanent since there is an actual reshaping of the eyelids. However, this eyelid surgery method is more expensive, takes about 2 to 3 hours to perform, and takes considerably longer time to heal.

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