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Double Eyelid Surgery - Technique, Side Effects and Cost

 Double Eyelid Surgery | Plastic Surgery 

In general, plastic surgery has set of stages. To start with, any surgery would include surgical process and healing period. Part of the entire procedure is the identification and setting of goals as well as realistic expectations. Normally, the surgeon can show to the patient the expected position and the new shape of the eyelid including eyebrow elevation.

The Technique

In double eyelid surgery, different techniques can be used. But most often, the surgeon will only utilize a very small incision in removing the excess skin and fats. Actually, there is also some ways to not involve surgical procedure in improving the appearance the eyelids. This can be employed on young patients as most of them aren’t really ready for surgical operation. Moreover, the effect of this technique can also become permanent.

Double eyelid enhancement without incision uses laser when there is a need to eliminate fats and excess skin. The laser procedure will not cause bruising and therefore the patient can go back to work within few days or the most, a week.

The Side Effects of Double Eyelid Surgery

It is usual that right after double eyelid surgery, the eyes will swell. This is just one of the side effects of the surgery. Furthermore, one way of managing the swelling is to apply cold compress on the affected area for at least a couple of days.

Another side effect of double eyelid surgery is the dryness or stickiness of the eyes. This can occur if the eyes are not properly lubricated. To avoid this to happen, apply some ointment or eye drops as it can alleviate dryness.

Scars may also appear. However, most of the surgeons know how to craft the incision in a way that when the wounds are completely healed, only few scars will appear or nothing. In the event that a scar appears so visible, a laser treatment can get rid of it.

On the other hand, the patient will be restricted to wash their faces until at least two days. The patient will not see great results right away but will definitely notice improvement as early as three days. Normally, the stiches will be taken out five days past eyelid surgery.

The Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery

Basically, there are several factors that can affect the cost of double eyelid surgery. The fact that there are several techniques that can be used to execute eyelid surgery, its cost will surely differ per patient’s condition, method and sometimes location. However, it is already safe to say that double eyelid surgery may cost around $1000.

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