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Details Of Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Eyelid Surgery Recovery 

The entire process of eyelid surgery will only take an hour. With this very short procedure, eyelid surgery recovery time can be expected to be fast and short. For instance, lower eyelid surgery will only involve a very small incision around 2mm crafted below the eyelashes particularly along the eye rim.

After extracting the extra fats and skin the incision will be closed with defined stitches. With this simple and quick procedure, a lot of people find this procedure quite appealing not just because of its great results but also it is safe and heals faster.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time

In most cases, the surgeon will provide detailed instructions to the patient about the needed care throughout eyelid surgery recovery. Also, medicines for pain are also provided as pain will definitely occur soon after the anesthesia wears out.

Included in the guidelines is to keep the head in an elevated position while sleeping. This should be done for approximately one week. Avoiding physically demanding activities will also keep the patient safe. This is because strenuous activities can increase blood pressure which is rather detrimental to patients that are still in the healing process.

Furthermore, few days past the operation, the lids would feel swollen and bruises will likely to surface particularly in the lower lids. Good thing there are several ways to manage pain and swelling. One noted agent that can control swellings is called Wobenzym. It is suggested to take Wobenzym on the second day past eyelid surgery.

Also, following eyelid operation the eye will become very sensitive to the light. To survive it, it is best to wear sunglasses to protect the eye from direct light. Ultimately, because eyelid surgery is less invasive, many patients are already capable to read again and perform their different usual activities even within few days past the surgery.

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