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Risks Associated With Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Risks | Eyelid Surgery 

Often times, eyelid surgery risks are controllable and minimal. This is because the nature of this surgery is not as invasive as the other surgeries. Although, eyelid surgery can deliver great result, it is still important to know the possible risks of this seemingly harmless procedure.

Almost all surgical procedure can cause some risks, but with eyelid surgery; complications are just temporary and fairly manageable. However, damage can happen especially if errors are committed during the surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Risks

Acknowledging that surgeries can cause complications, it is good to know the worst that can possibly happen to be aware of it and act on it. The worst case is when hematoma, retinal detachment and ectropian occur.

Hematoma can happen if blood accumulates under the skin. This is a serious condition and this will likely to occur if the eyelid surgery is being combined with other surgery like brow lift or even facelift. On the other hand, retinal detachment occur when the eye retina is scratched and obtained some holes causing the retina to separate from the outside covers of the eye. This condition will require another surgical procedure to be corrected. Additionally, ectropian is another serious complication that manifests drooping effect that will cause the lower eyelid to invert. This can only be corrected with another surgery.

Fortunately, only those that are less severe complications occur after eyelid surgery. The common eyelid surgery risks are the appearance of whiteheads after the removal of sutures, swelling, bruises and sore. Whiteheads can be easily treated while swelling can be controlled using cold compress. Some patients will have a hard time closing their eyes because it sores but there’s nothing to worry about as this will normally go away after few days. However, in some cases this can become permanent and others may even develop blurry and double vision. This situation however is relatively rare.

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