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Endoscopic Face Lift Procedure

Endoscopic Face Lift | Facelift Cosmetic Surgery 

The greatest advantages of Endoscopic Face Lift is that its cost is relatively low plus the fact that its procedure is fairly convenient compared to the conventional way of cosmetic surgery. More than that, endoscopic face lift becomes rather appealing to many people because its risks rate is low and the recovery period is fast. This is due to the fact that the method use in this type of facelift procedure is less invasive unlike the traditional facelift.

Endoscopic face lift can be an effective solution in minimizing the emerging of the signs of aging which are commonly seen in areas like face and neck. These signs of aging can be eliminated without going through long and constant incision like that of the traditional way. With endoscopic face lift the patient will only have few cuts with a size of less than an inch. Furthermore, the cuts will be created tactfully usually above the hairline and at the back of the ear. With this type of technique, scars will not likely to appear visible.

Following the incision is the insertion of a thin device that looks like a wand right under the skin’s surface. The surgeon will be able to monitor the progress of the operation through the small camera monitor. There will also be a tiny surgical instrument that will be inserted through another incision in order to remove extra fats as well as to remodel the loose facial tissues and muscles. This process can significantly resolve the sagging problem around the face.

The Advantages of Endoscopic Face Lift

Apart from the scarless result, endoscopic face lift can actually fix some areas in the face that are very difficult to repair with traditional facelift. Examples of difficult areas are the frown lines over the eyes and the pleats around the mouth and nose. With these relatively small areas, the method to be used during endoscopic face lift is the crafting of incision right in the area where the surgical device will be used. This way, treating the hard-to-reachzones can become easy.

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