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Potential Facelift Complications Described

Facelift Complications 

Generally, facelift is considered as one of the harmless procedures in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. However, we should note that complications are inherent in any form of surgery no matter how invasive or subtle it is. For this very reason, it is imperative that we take each surgery seriously and never submit to the actual procedure unless we have gathered enough information regarding its process and its related risks.

Facelift Complications After the Surgery

Facelift complications may occur at times, but in most cases the problem does not last longer. Such problem includes blood clots, crusting especially in the scars and lacking of sensation. Nerve damage specifically the nerves that controls the facial musclescan also happen but it is extremely rare to occurafter facelift surgery.

Furthermore, facelift complications may also include delayed restoration of the skin, scarring, itchiness around the area of incisions, hair loss, skin loss and skin discoloration. It is better to discuss the other possible complications with the surgeon before the surgery.

Possible Postoperative Complications

Below are some of facelift complications that are likely to arise:

  1. Bleeding – Most of the time, bleeding occurs after the surgery. However, in the event that bleeding appears to be unusually heavy, it is best to see the doctor as it is risky and can even lead to hematoma.
  2. Hematoma – This can occur when bleeding is present underneath the skin. If this happen, the area where hematoma develops will swell painfully. The only remedy for hematoma is another surgical procedure which will stop the flow of the blood and remove it from under the skin.
  3. Anesthesia effect – The common adverse effect of anesthesia is nausea. The effect is usually short-lived and is expected to go away after few more hours.
  4. Infection – This can show in specific area. It is manifested by redness, swelling, sensitivity and confined heat. 

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