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Facelift Recovery Process Following Surgery

Facelift Recovery 

Fortunately, facelift recovery period isn’t that delayed. However, the patient will not be able to see immediate result after the surgery. In fact, after facelift surgery the face will look paler than usual. Also, bruises and swelling is normal and the patient may feel even worse directly after the surgery.But these side effects will definitely fade away after few more days and great result will then be especially visible.

During facelift recovery, the skins all over the face might feel numb. This is true especially after the facial lift surgery maybe because of the lingering effect of anesthesia. The feeling of numbness would stay for several weeks and sometimes months.

Part of facelift recovery process is going through some discomfort and pain especially on areas where incisions are made. However, the pain and swelling is fairly manageable with some prescribed medicines. If in any case a patient will feel a bit more intense pain and numbness, it is more appropriate to immediately call the doctors attention and assistance.

Facelift Recovery and Post Surgery Activities

Normally after a day or two from facelift surgery, the bandages and dressings should be completely removed. Other cases may require up to six days before the dressings are removed. Many doctors preferred to use surgical drains or tubes on their patients purposely to promote faster and proper healing. These surgical tubes are placed on the patients incisions and are scheduled to be removed along with the dressings which normally happens two days following facelift surgery.

Facelift involves some incisions and stitches. Usually, the stitches on the face are undone and removed five days after the operation. However, those metal clips and stitches on the patients scalp should stay a bit longer because the scalp heals slower than the face.

Also, the proper way to support recovery from facelift is to keep on doing some personal activities that helps make the recovery faster like staying in the bed with the head slightly elevated to comfort for about two days following the surgery as this action helps reduce the risk of swelling. Ultimately, behaving appropriately and following all the instructions provided by the surgeon would make facelift recovery faster.

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