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How Instant Facelift Is Performed 

 Instant Facelift 

Instant facelift also known as non-surgical facelift is designed to improve slight to moderate face problems such as sagging due to normal aging of the skin. It can also correct thin lines and wrinkles on the cheeks, neck and areas around the eyes.

Many people especially those that have round and big faces prefer to have instant facelift because this method can well dissolve some unwanted fats on the face making it look more carved and facial muscles feels more relax.

Instant Facelift Method

This facelift procedure is done through using Unipolar Radio Frequency. RF delivers heat energy directly to lower dermis as well as the skin’s sub-dermal layers. As a result, the primary collagen structures will tighten up and the outside cover of the skin will remain intact causing the skin look tighter, well formed, youthful and regenerated. This is the desired effect for any cosmetic facelift procedure.

Moreover, instant facelift is a non-surgical procedure and can be even performed for just about five minutes. After five minutes, the patient can expect to have instant tighter and firmer skin in the face minus the stiches, bruises and swelling.

According to the studies done for instant facelift, eighty four percent of the total number of instant facelift patients are satisfied with the results because their skin becomes smoother. Seventy six percent observed that they have softer skin while ninety six percent said they have tighter skin in the face.

These improved face qualities are made possible because of instant facelift’s three active main ingredients. These are Liftensy, Argatensyl and Easyliance.

  1. Liftensyl - A polymer obtained from soy protein. It contains some properties that help tightens the skin which in effect makes it free from wrinkles and fine lines.  
  2. Argatensyl – It is a heavy weight protein that can tighten the skin instantly.  
  3. Easyliance – It is a biopolymer that is normally produced by specific microorganism that lives in certain plant roots. Its main purpose is to tighten the skin.  

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