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Male Facelift Facts

Male Facelift 

When people hear about male facelift, they will think it is different from the usual facelift done to most female patients. While this is somewhat true, the procedure is not far from female facelift.

This is because male facelift is also intended to minimize the appearance of wrinkles as well as sagging skin in the bottom part of face and the neck. What makes it different from female facelift is that it cannot totally eliminate wrinkles especially those in the areas near the eyelids as well as the lips.

About Male Facelift

Male facelift can effectively convert aging skin to a young-looking one. After the surgery, the result of the facelift surgery cannot be seen immediately. However, after few weeks the patient will likely to see a more revived and younger face in the mirror.

The result of this male cosmetic surgery would last for long especially if the new face is well taken care of.Nevertheless, it is good to note that the level of improvement after the surgery will largely depend on the degree of skin sagging and wrinkles a patient have.

The Difference of the Male Face from Female

Apparently, male face is different from female. It’s because generally, male skin is denser compared to those of the females. Males are likely to experience severe bleeding which makes them more prone to blood clots than females. The reason of this is that men have affluentsupply of blood compared to women.

Also, any imperfection on a man’s face can be easily spotted because they don’t normally wear any make up nor they have long hair to cover those flaws. They are also directly exposed to sun compared to women which is why they develop more blemishes than women. Other distinct features of men are their beards and hairlines. Considering these factors, facelift surgeons who will perform male facelift will likely use different techniques to keep the incisions as obscure as possible.

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