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Understanding Microcurrent Facelift

Microcurrent Facelift | Cosmetic Surgery 

What is Microcurrent facelift? Microcurrent facelift also known as Bio-ultimate facelift is a cosmetic procedure that is safe and effective to use in improving the look of the skin. It is non-surgical as well as non-invasive.

The technology of microcurrent facelift is designed to stimulate the natural elements of skin that is responsible in keeping the skin healthy and lively. It is proven that microcurrent facelift can effectively deliver optimum aesthetic results with lesser risks compared to conventional facelift. Surely, it can produce safe and satisfying outcome at smaller cost.

Microcurrent facelift is for people who wish to have younger and healthier image. The primary benefits after microcurrent surgery are toned muscles in the face as well as neck, lifted eyebrows and jowls, reduced or removed fine lines and abolished wrinkles.The added benefit of microcurrent facelift is skin exfoliation, improvement of facial circulation, sun damage treatment, lymphatic drainage, product penetration and skin color enhancement.

The best candidates for microcurrent facelift are those that desire to regain the previous glow of their faces. Although most of its aficionados are seasoned men and women, there are also young patients who want to have micricurrent facelift purposely to prevent upcoming signs of aging.

The Microcurrent Facelift Procedure

Normally, microcurrent facelift would take around an hour to complete the entire process. What is so amazing about it is that the procedure is virtually painless. Basically, the surgeon will use a couple of pronged cotton tipped device to gradually distribute electrical stimulation into the muscles as well as the tissues in the face and neck.

Moreover, microcurrent facelift will not utilize anesthesia. Also, the patient will not have to leave work for long because there will be no recovery time and definitely no infuriating side effects. The only requirement to get optimum result out of microcurrent facelift is to submit to it approximately twelve times that will serve as treatment sessions.Afterwards, regular follow-up medications are still necessary to maintain the result of microcurrent facelift.

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