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The Weekend Facelift Overview

Weekend Facelift 

The term weekend facelift describes the characteristic of this method. This procedure can only take a short period of time to complete and would only require brief recovery period. The main goal of weekend facelift is to improve the major parts of the face without taking the patient into a stressful and risky procedure like the regular facelift surgery. Also, the cost of weekend facelift if far too low compared to traditional facelift because this procedure only covers the enhancement for the neck, cheeks as well as jawline.

What is Weekend Facelift and how it’s done?

Weekend facelift is a surgical procedure that focuses only in areas like neck and the crease of the nose. The incision associated with this type of procedure is relatively small and often times the surgeon will use endoscopic technology to achieve highest result.

The endoscopic procedure would aid the surgeon in removing unwanted fats and restructuring the muscles on areas that are very hard to treat. It can be made possible by inserting a very tiny surgical device in which the progress can be seen in a small monitor that is also implanted on the patient’s skin. All in all, the patient may obtain three or possibly more incisions to cater the devices in completing weekend facelift procedure.

However, weekend facelift can be also performed without involving endoscopic procedure. With this type of method, the incision will be continuous and the skin isoverturn to show the area that needs to be treated.

Part of the weekend facelift process is lifting, repositioning and eliminating of facial tissues to effectively restructure the affected areas. This process can effectively get rid of unwanted sagging and it can remodel the muscles of affected areas by small sutures.

Weekend Facelift Cost

The factors that can affect the cause of facelift surgery are the surgeon’s qualification, location, anesthesia, post-operative care and others. In the case of weekend facelift, the procedure is fairly quick and less invasive, therefore the patient can return home after the surgery. Because of this, there will be no additional hospital fee.

Also, the anesthesia required in weekend facelift is less; hence the cost also becomes lesser. Moreover, all other factors can be discussed by the surgeon and you should be able to get the total amount of the surgery before even submitting yourself to the actual process. This way, hidden charges can be avoided.

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