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Known Gynecomastia Causes

Gynecomastia Causes | Male Cosmetic Surgery 

There are many different causes of gynecomastia. Most of the time, doctors are unable to identify the exact cause. However, there are many instances where gynecomastia occurs due to sex hormone estrogen imbalance and testosterone.

Other gynecomastia causes are tumors, endocrine disorders and other hereditary illnesses. Also, side effects of medicines used to cure chronic diseases may also trigger gynecomastia. Such medicines are steroids, blood pressure medicines and anti-depressant medicines.

Conversely, there are cases where a man’s chests appearto be really fat. If after applying right diet and exercise the fats went away, it is not gynecomastia. It could be just pseudo gynecomastia. However, if after all the efforts of eliminating the fats on the breasts and there is still no improvements that take place, then it could be a true gynecomastia.

True gynecomastia is not really a serious medical problem. However, it may sometimes cause pain and embarrassment to the one who has it. This is true to young males who are suffering from gynecomastia. Every day they are teased because of having abnormal breasts. This experience can lead to serious emotional problem and may lower downtheir self-esteem.

On the other hand, studies show that sixty five percent of young boys at the age fourteen develops large breast. This occurs because of the sex hormone instabilities during puberty period. However, it was found out that seventy five percent of the boys that have enlarged breasts are cured without medical treatment after two years and ninety percent of them are healed three years past the day gynecomastia was detected.

One of the many gynecomastia causes is the frequent use of products that contains tea tree oil or lavender oil. It was found out that this may provoke breasts enlargement especially on boys at pre pubertal stage. However, study shows that the effect would disappear if such products are not used by teenage boys.

In the case of older men, gynecomastia is likely to develop due to the decrease of male sex hormone testosterone that usually happens during the advancing ofage. Also, men who are getting older may develop body fats due to natural aging and as a result the share of estrogen to male sex hormone will arise.

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