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Common Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia Treatment 

In today’s generation, liposuction and surgical operation are so far the best gynecomastia treatment. There are two main goals of surgery: One is to restructure the chest’s contour and the other one is to identifyif whether or not the patient develops cancer by determining if the lesion in the patient’s chest is cancerous.

Furthermore, enlargement of the breast usually occurs in both sides. If in case only one side of the breast is growing abnormally, one should immediately see a doctor to prevent male breast cancer as this is one of its indications. The best thing to do is to look for a board certified surgeon to do the evaluation and to determine if what you need is just a mere breast reduction or larger than that.

Granted that the patient is not suffering from male breast cancer, a good candidate for any gynecomastia treatment is a healthy person with an average weight. It is also best to undergo gynecomastia treatment after the breasts have fully developed. Also, those candidates for surgery will achieve great results if their skin is firm and elastic because it can adapt to the new body contours.

It is also important for teen patients to undergo gynecomastia treatment two years after gynecomastia was detected. The reason for this is that the breast of teen male patient still develops and when treated while the development continues may only lead to another procedure.

On the other hand, going through male breast reduction while the patient is obese is strongly discouraged. He has to first lose weight particularly in the chest area. Also, if a patient is taking some drugs for some reason, the doctor might have to recommend different medications or might advise the patient to stop taking drugs in favor of male reduction surgery. However, the patient should not stop taking medicines without even consulting his doctor.

Also, part of the entire process of gynecomastia treatment is evaluating the medical history of the patient. The doctor will be the one to do the evaluation and the patient needs to be honest in giving information. This is necessary to determine the type of treatment to be applied in each patient.

Usually, the doctor would conduct a diagnostic testing to identify the main cause of breast enlargement. The test would include endocrine function examination as the endocrine gland produces hormones that can be associated to the enlargement of the breast. Ultimately, after all the tests are performed the doctor normally sits down with the patient to discuss the goals and expectations of the surgery.

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